Internet addict? LaterLoop could help ease the strain

Always finding yourself with too many Tabs open. Check out this solution built on the Google App Engine. Useful for sites you like the look of but want to check later. Read webpages later, on your phone, or anywhere. Adding a star is a simple way to highlight links that you like and might wantContinue reading “Internet addict? LaterLoop could help ease the strain”

Digital meme influences the art world. The worlds largest LOLcat so far?

San Franciso artist Josh Zubkoff has created a mural to LOLcats on the side of a building. I’d love to see more memes take on as graffiti. Troy McClure SF got a great shot of the finished work. The original “Invisible Bike” image via Laughing Squid Confused? LOLcats anthropomorphised with badly spelled captions have spawnedContinue reading “Digital meme influences the art world. The worlds largest LOLcat so far?”

Merciless Piss-Take or Ultimate Homage. Shreds on YouTube

A topic titled Amazing Rare Def Leppard is gonna get clicked on right. I came across one and did. This was the video. Give this a couple of minutes to get going.. trust me. Fantastic video from Def Leppard The summary said “This is a Def Leppard Parody. I made it after I saw aContinue reading “Merciless Piss-Take or Ultimate Homage. Shreds on YouTube”

Update your Facebook status via Twitter

I’ve just got into Twitter, early days and who knows if it’ll stick. I do love the way it captures a moment though. So if you use Facebook there’s a nifty little app that lets you keep updating your blog + mates, whilst it updates your status in the background.   UPDATE: There’s seemsContinue reading “Update your Facebook status via Twitter”

Notice any changes or anything weird?

I’ve upgraded the site to WordPress 2.5 and everything seems cool so far. It’s fixed some issues i had with posts from Ecto containing YouTube embed code, so the site should looks right again on Firefox 3 Beta. Post a comment if anything seems odd. Also new is the Twitter status on the sidebar andContinue reading “Notice any changes or anything weird?”