Mapping your digital life online.

There’s an interesting debate developing about how we manage our digital self. With the increase in social sites; think Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Last.FM, Delicious, etc… your social map is probably growing faster than you think. It raises interesting questions about privacy and who owns your data. Do you really want all your data aggregated byContinue reading “Mapping your digital life online.”

How to win friends and influence people… on YouTube

Check out some of the comments on this vid. i fucking LOVE them!! haha eurofyter3 (13 minutes ago) lol iraq MrSandman526 (50 minutes ago) honestly….. this sucks hvissotz (3 weeks ago) epic fail. icecreamdaddy (3 weeks ago) ok.. that sucked ass! casperzgfp (3 weeks ago) im not being funny but this is the worst videoContinue reading “How to win friends and influence people… on YouTube”

How do Apple make such great things? An insight into Apples design process.

Process is something that we talk a lot about at glue. People have wildly varying views about what’s right and what’s not. How to draw the line between the end result and the amount of ££ you spend getting there often depends which department you work in. Apple are famous for their great hardware andContinue reading “How do Apple make such great things? An insight into Apples design process.”

TFL look to Saville and Co. for their Optical Illusion TV ad

Transport for London ‘Illusions’ commercial. Agency: M&C Saatchi Credits: Peter Saville, Graham Fink, Mark Goodwin There are two levels of contrast working in favor of the spot’s message: 1) The internal contrast of quietness and simplicity dramatically wrecked by the relative realism of the collision. 2) The contrast of this spot’s quietness and simplicity againstContinue reading “TFL look to Saville and Co. for their Optical Illusion TV ad”

Classic TV moments of retro-futuristic logo animation.

As if to reinforce the my thoughts about the gradual decline of standout design in TV titling, this came around the office today off the back of a link the new Justice video, DNVO. Although they’re all from the USA (so not classic LWT themes) there’s Stephen J Cannell, Hannah-Barbera, Ubu Productions… and many otherContinue reading “Classic TV moments of retro-futuristic logo animation.”

Advertising blended with content – welcome “Embedded Advertising”

Just watch the first minute or so of the above clip, a Brits broadcast from online entertainment channel ITN. As product placement goes, you might think that Will Ferrell’s new film, Semi-Pro, had lucked in. Well, no. All of these references to Semi-Pro were actually added in to the broadcast digitally and, according to MirriAdContinue reading “Advertising blended with content – welcome “Embedded Advertising””